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What's New?

11/11/2010: Added a note about the new AIPTEK 3-D camcorder being available. Wow.

11/10/2007: Added new information on Stereocam being available (NuView type camcorder device for recording 3-D), and also added a link to a tutorial on using Final Cut Pro/Express to convert to anaglyph 3-D on a Mac. Plus, a link to Ultimate 3-D Heaven.

11/17/2005: A 3-D video podcast? Yep! These videos (and much much more) coming soon... www.anothercrappypodcast.com

7/3/2005: I am experimenting with the h.264 video codec (in QuickTime 7). Check out some samples. They are the same short clip converted full size at various bit rates, and 320x240 at various bit rates.

12/17/2004: I've started processing 5 1/2 hours of 3-D Disneyland vids. So far, so good. I'll post some screen shots from Winnie the Pooh soon. The existing videos and photos on this page are going away and will be replaced by all-new ones.

9/2/2004: I have just returned from a short visit to Disneyland. I have hours of footage all taped in 3-D. Hello to the Disneyland band, and to Stephanie, Wolfe, and others we encountered during the visit. You can write me at alsplace at pobox.com. (My first test of taping in NightVision actually worked - look for some cool new movie clips soon!)

12/29/2003: Welcome to a new test site! Put on your red/blue 3-D glasses (like the ones they gave out for Spy-Kids 3-D) and take a look at my latest experiement: 3-D pictures and home movies from Disneyland.

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