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Last Update: Thursday, November 11, 2010 8:48 PM

Welcome to my experimentail 3-D home video page. The movies here were tapes on an old Sony Digital8 camcorder using a NuView 3-D adapter. This gadget produces field sequental (also called interlaced) 3-D video which can be viewed on a CRT TV using electronic LCD shutter glasses. This type of video comes out in full color and looking great (but with some flicker).

I then use software on my Mac to convert these full size 3-D movies to red/blue anaglyph video, like the type Medium on NBC was recently shown in (as well as Spy Kids 3-D and Shrek 3-D DVD). The movies are then scaled down and compressed using either MPEG-4 or the newer h.264 video format (both of which are playable on an iPod with video, or directly on a PC/Mac if you have a player such as the free QuickTime 7).

If you want to send me an e-mail, my address is "allen" at the disneyfans.com domain. Hopefully you can figure that out.

To View: Right-Click (Apple: Ctrl-Click) on the clip link and "Save as..." to your computer.

Added 3-D Video Clips 3-D Method Length Filesize Format Comments
  3-D Disneyland Band Mark Twain.m4v     7.7 MB   The Mark Twain riverboat paddles past with the Disneyland band playing on the deck.
  3-D Disneyland Dapper Dans.m4v     7.3 MB   The Dapper Dans sing on the horse trolly on Main Street.
  3-D Disneyland Motorcar.m4v     19.3 MB   A passenger view of riding down Main Street on the Motorcar.
  3-D Disneyland Brass Band.m4v     11.2 MB   The Disneyland Brass Band plays on Main Street.
  3-D Disneyland Horse Trolley.m4v     26.5 MB   A passenger view of riding down Main Street on the horse drown trolly.
  3-D Disneyland Carousel.m4v     22.7 MB   A 3-D ride on the Disneyland carousel.
  3-D Disneyland Omnibus.m4v     22.1 MB   A passenger view of riding down Main Street on the Omnibus.
  3-D Disneyland small world Holiday 2003.m4v     64.4 MB   A full ride thru of "it's a small world" Holiday.
  3-D Disneyland Band.m4v     37.3 MB   The Disneyland Band plays on Main Street.
11/13/06 3-D Disneyland Jungle Cruise.mp4   11'11 69.8 MB   A full ride thru of Disneyland's world famous Jungle Cruise. This is a new encoding, so let me know if it's better.
11/15/06 3-D Disneyland Club Buzz.mp4   19'11 116 MB   The now-gone Club Buzz show from Tomorrowland.
See older videos here, some encoded in blue/red format.
  3-D Photos 3-D Method Size Filesize   Comments
  Disneyland's Winnie the Pooh red/blue 720x480 various   JPG screen shots taken from a 3-D video ride through of this new Critter Country attraction.

...more to be added!

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